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Conception is a journey into the mind of Angelo Musco, one of today’s most compelling young artists – a film exploring the connection between pain and beauty, passion and obsession, nature and the human experience.​

Emmy award-winning director Robert Jason engages in an artistic exploration of the driving forces of a visionary shaped within the womb. A compelling exploration into an obsession some have called insane.​

From the painful physical therapy sessions in New York, to Naples, Italy the artist’s hometown and back, Jason peels back the layers of an artist and how he creates surreal landscapes of gigantic proportions and why.​

Musco’s artistic manipulation and weaving of the human body, a metaphor for his own tortured physique is elevated and transformed by the power of aggregation, the power to feel beyond our world to something greater, more beautiful, something outside the accepted limits of reality. A visionary dialogue that reaches from the most basic element of the nude body across a millennium of human evolution.​

What compels an artist to spend months or sometimes years working on a single artwork, layer hundreds of thousands of human bodies, layer after layer charting a mosaic of infinite imagination? Jason asks this question and what drives the young artist to create his own vocabulary, a Contemporary expression that is in essence so classical and yet so much a part of today. To create worlds of dark foreboding and lyrical lightness, tortured souls and innocent infants.​

To learn more about Angelo Musco's boby of work please visit  www.angelomusco.com

"CONCEPTION" will debut October 14, 2013 at New York's prestigious Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center. Click here to buy your tickets for the Premier and Private Cocktail Reception.


PRESS RELEASE 10/02/2012


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